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The Company, established in 2011, is an agricultural commodities, beverage, livestock trading, and  industrial agriculture production/import-export. We also have investments in different business sectors domestically and internationally, including energy, oil & gas, venture capital investments.

Homexay Agriculture Import-Export & Services Sole Co., Ltd was changed to H.C LAOS Ltd. in late 2019 to be able to better serve domestic and external demands and internal trading.

As specialists in the industry, our unique designs, coupled with advanced technology, capacity in research and development, is helping industries work better in environmentally sensitive areas while improving progress efficiencies. H.C LAOS’s promise is to facilitate our clients’ business achieve a consistent production level in the safest way possible, is to making greater social and economic contribution to the growth of nation.

To be widely recognized company across the globe in terms of trading, quality services and value as well as of livelihood enhancement of rural communities

To become a sustainable agricultural and food products provider and partner, with supply sufficiency, ideal quality of farming and production operations, effectiveness of logistical distribution and protection of the environment and natural resources.

To substantially contribute to national social sustainability and economic growth

HC LAOS Co., Ltd. all the times cares for a safe, environmentally-friendly society and sustainably develop the world of industry. We offer internationally accepted quality products and services to support all types of our clients’ activities, while looking ahead to ways of making greater contribution.

In running our business and growing our market base and shares under our own power, the importance of innovation is continually addressed and deployed in all of our work.

We define ourselves as a group of people, so-called HC LAOS Company, is the service and development sectors, acting as an agent for change and betterment of society. The key to our company’s growth is in the business that we plan and develop through focusing on the construction of system and the development of human resources for the purpose of growing into a planning and development company.